Mastery Learning

What is mastery learning? Headlands Preparatory School uses a Mastery Learning educational philosophy and method that supports all students to become competent and confident learners. The Mastery Learning approach at HPS guides all aspects of the educational experience. From instruction to homework to assessment, all student learning is designed to be engaging, meaningful, intentional, and builds a strong foundation for long-term learning.



Students acquire content and skills through direct instruction and a personalized teaching approach.




Students build a foundation for continued learning through meaningful practice and homework.




Students reflect on what they have learned and apply their learning to new situations through intentional assessment.


At Headlands Prep School we ensure student mastery by requiring students to achieve at least 80% on all assessments.

In order to ensure students have a strong foundation on which to build skills and later content, students must demonstrate mastery by earning a minimum of 80% on any assessment. If students have not demonstrated mastery, we review the material and reassess until mastery is achieved.

“Along with [our daughter’s] academic interest, she has ADD and this has proven no hurdle at Headlands. The teachers are equipped with the right tools to keep students engaged, let up when necessary, and refocus when required.”

Headlands Prep Parent