Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe schools should be community-driven, supportive institutions for all students.

Headlands Preparatory School is committed in its pursuit of social justice, equity, and inclusion for all. At Headlands Prep, we believe that community is our strongest asset and we work to empower each other in becoming engaged contributors to our society. As a high school and middle school, we are dedicated to strengthening our school community through opportunities for engagement and self-reflection. We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential in further developing our community’s unique identity. At Headlands Prep, we believe that a community-driven approach is necessary in order to challenge systems of oppression and inequity that have limited student access to education. We seek to foster a community that is dedicated to the rebuilding of schools as we know them, and to create schooling that is founded upon equity, inclusion, and intersectional justice.

As an independent secondary school, we are committed to the following:

  • Fostering a school culture where everyone is welcomed and valued
  • Creating a school culture that is inclusive of all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, identity, nationality, gender and gender expression, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, ability, age, or socioeconomic and demographic backgrounds
  • Engaging students in practices of self-reflection and identity work to examine themselves as well as their actions, privilege, values, and impact
  • Empowering students to exhibit active civic engagement on individual, campus, community, and global levels

Our school commits to these values with conviction and aims to empower our students, faculty, administrators, and community members to create equitable opportunities for all. This is more than a promise–it is a plan in action. We believe that Headlands Preparatory School can serve as a torchbearer for the systemic reimagination and rebuilding of schools as community-driven and supportive institutions for all students.

“The barriers of racism, discrimination, concentrated poverty, and access to college-- persistent, structural barriers--cannot be eradicated by tweaking the system or making adjustments. We must struggle together not only to reimagine schools but to build new schools that we are taught to believe are impossible: schools based on intersectional justice, antiracism, love, healing, and joy.”

Bettina Love