Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission Statement: Headlands Preparatory School empowers all students to develop themselves as individuals and as contributors to the community through individualized learning, academic mastery, personal growth, and civic engagement.

The middle school and high school years represent a crucial time in every student’s life as they begin on their path of self-discovery, personal development, and learning. To us, mastery extends beyond course content – we want our students to acquire transferable knowledge and skills, practice them, and apply them, both within our school and beyond. 

At Headlands Prep School we are committed to developing and celebrating personal strengths as each student builds an understanding of their unique learning profile. We believe inquiry, exploration, and reflection are key to developing the whole child, the school community, and the community at large.

We are committed to this development. As our students prepare to continue their unique paths after Headlands Prep, we want our graduates to possess these characteristics: 

Self-directed learners who...

  1. Aspire to high standards of academic achievement and mastery
  2. Engage in learning and utilize effective learning strategies
  3. Take responsibility for self-organization, self-evaluation, and self-regulation
  4. Set and work towards personal goals while navigating challenges or setbacks

Confident self-advocates who...

  1. Identify and articulate their needs in a respectful manner 
  2. Clearly communicate ideas and experiences
  3. Seek out feedback, educational challenges, and necessary support systems 
  4. Maximize individual potential, creativity, and unique talents

Thoughtful digital citizens who...

  1. Use the Internet effectively and responsibly
  2. Locate and evaluate trustworthy sources
  3. Think critically and creatively
  4. Approach problems with empathy and compassion 

Mindful individuals who...

  1. Listen, act, and communicate with intention
  2. Reflect upon their personal practice and challenge their own assumptions
  3. Seek to create equitable opportunities for all in the community 
  4. Demonstrate skills of reflection, personal integrity, and perseverance 

Engaged community members who...

  1. Demonstrate consideration and respect for others
  2. Appreciate, value, and are receptive to diverse cultures and individual differences
  3. Foster a safe environment of belonging and inclusion regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, identity, nationality, gender and gender expression, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, ability, age, or socioeconomic and demographic backgrounds
  4. Exhibit active civic engagement and social responsibility through a personal commitment to service

At Headlands Preparatory School, we believe education is inclusive, empowers all learners, and develops global citizens.