Registration Forms and Documents

Please be sure to schedule a call with our administrative team before completing your registration forms. We will be able to customize an education plan tailored to your student’s needs and goals.


  1. Fill out the Powerform.
  2. Check your email for an activation code.
  3. Check your email for the Docusign link and “Review Document”.
  4. Agree to use electronic signatures and records by checking the box at the top, then press “Continue”.
  5. PARENT: Complete Part 1 of 2
  6. STUDENT: Complete Part 2 of 2
    Note: The second portion for the student’s signature will be sent to whatever email you listed on the Powerform under the student’s name. If you would like the student to access the link from your email, you can write your email instead.

For any questions regarding registration, please call us at 415-944-2254 or email us at

“[Headlands] has been a great experience for our son - he learned so much and gained confidence while working at his own pace. The flexibility of the scheduling system and administration's willingness to work with families to really understand the students, their needs, strengths and weaknesses, is incredible. Students are lucky to have [Headlands] on their side.”

Headlands Prep Parent