Shelter in Place Information

Tilden Classes are being taught online 1-1 during the shelter in place.

Tilden Preparatory’ School’s 1 – 1 approach to learning is now available online. We are here to support you and your children through this unprecedented time with our unique approach to rigorous, student-centered learning that provides mastery of study skills and learning subjects in depth so that students are truly prepared for the next high school level and college.

Distance Learning FAQs

Does Tilden offer distance learning?
Yes! Tilden has moved entirely online seamlessly. We are currently offering all of our courses online and our “one to one” coupled with the highest caliber instruction make Tilden an ideal distance learning choice.

Are Tilden distance learning courses transferable to other high schools?
Yes! Tilden is a fully accredited WASC college prep school and all of our courses are UC approved and transferable to other middle and high schools. We do recommend that if you are currently enrolled with another school and are considering taking a single course with us that is required fo r high school graduation, you receive approval from your primary school’s counselor.

Are Tilden distance learning courses approved by the UC/CSU systems?
All Tilden courses are currently approved fo r distance learning while schools are shut down. Tilden has been hard at work getting all of our courses approved as online options when schools re-open fo r both the UC and CSU systems. We are happy to report that the majority have been approved for our current and future Tilden students.

How does Tilden do “Distance Learning”?
Tilden’s one to one, mastery learning approach invites students to engage in real time with one of our educators. Each class session lasting 55 minutes is hosted over Google Hangout. Teachers and students remain online throughout the duration of the class ensuring that each session is geared towards the specific needs of your child.

What if my child has no experience with distance learning?
That’s no problem. Our students quickly adapt to the online format, and our teachers are ready to help.

What equipment does my student need?
Your student will need a computer with a working camera and a microphone in order to engage in distance learning along with a stable internet connection. Some students also find it is helpful to have a document camera.